Transmission Development Plan NI 2020-29 Consultation Report

SONI, the Electricity System Operator for Northern Ireland operates and plans the electricity grid. The electricity grid brings power from where it is generated to the NIE Networks’ distribution network that supplies every home, farm and small business in Northern Ireland.


To ensure the Northern Ireland grid is efficient, strong and reliable we develop a ten year programme of work known as the ‘Transmission Development Plan for Northern Ireland (TDPNI)’. This considers those areas of the grid which need to be upgraded and provides recommended solutions, which may be adopted.


We have recently concluded our consultation on the most recent TDPNI 2020-2029 and based on the responses have updated the TDPNI where necessary. We received 15 submissions to our consultation and produced a report detailing our responses to the issues raised.


Please find responses available here and our report available here.


We would like to thank all our stakeholders for taking the time to response to our consultation and for their input.


We have now sent the updated draft TDPNI along with the consultation report to the Utility Regulator (UR) for their review. In the coming weeks the UR will issue the updated TDPNI 2020-2029 for a further public consultation. We will be sharing the details of this once a timeline has been decided on.


Following the UR consultation, we will respond to any further submissions received and submit the final document to the UR for approval and final publication.

We will then commence work on the next edition of the TDPNI (2021-2030).


For further updates please visit our website here.