Have Your Say

At SONI, we have two core responsibilities. We manage the flow of power across the grid to meet daily needs, and we also plan for the future of the grid. This involves the improvement and technological upgrade of our network.

Improving and upgrading the grid is a significant task that often requires major infrastructure. These can include transmission stations, underground cables, or overhead lines carried by pylons.

Before we develop or add to the grid, we work with those who may be affected by our plans. We aim to make grid development a consultative process. On each project, we want to engage with the community, elected representatives and interest groups. Our goal is to find the best possible solution. Key to this is understanding your concerns and learning from your local knowledge.

Every project has its own consultation process. We give you information to understand why there is a need for the project, and provide an opportunity for you to respond.

Then, at each stage of our decisions, we go back to you with our thinking, and ask for your opinion. You have a real chance to shape our decisions, particularly if you respond early on. Finally, our projects are subject to the same planning laws as other major infrastructure.

We want to hear from you. If there's a project near you that causes concern, find it here and see how your input can make a difference. You can also read our guide to SONI's grid development process below.