West Dublin

EirGrid has identified a need to reinforce the electricity network in west Dublin. This is in response to a significant local increase in the demand for electricity. 

June to August 2015

The project is currently at a point we call Stage 2 – where we evaluate the options.

As part of this stage, we have considered the options detailed in our previous information-gathering phase. In this earlier phase, we received feedback from the public about or initial plans. In response to this, we have now identified preferred locations for the infrastructure that this project needs.

We have identified a site - marked as Site D on our maps - as the preferred location for the new substation. We have also identified preferred sites for the two compounds - marked as T1 and T5 on our project maps. We will now progress with these sites as part in our project development process. The exact location of these sites will be subject to agreement with the landowners and stakeholders who are directly affected.

February 2015

We area at Stage 1 – the Information Gathering stage. We have now located a study area for the project. We have also identified the environmental and technical factors that will limit what we can do within this area.

As a consequence, we have considered some options for the route of the new circuit. We have also found several sites that have potential as compound sites. It is at these sites that the existing 200 kV overhead line will switch to an underground cable so it can connect with the proposed substation. Finally, we have also considered three potential sites for the substation itself. They are emerging as our preferred sites for this key component. 

We are publishing a Stage 1 Report to detail these findings. We will then hold a six weeklong consultation period to get views from the public and stakeholders on these draft plans.