Renewable Integration Development Project (RIDP)

SONI and our sister company EirGrid, along with NIE Networks, are jointly developing the Renewable Integration Development Project (RIDP). The aim of RIDP is to identify the optimum reinforcement of the electricity transmission grid in the north and the north-west of the island to cater for expected power output from renewable energy sources. This will require new power lines to be built.

What are the benefits of this project?

RIDP will help Northern Ireland and the Republic achieve their target of 40% of electricity consumption coming from renewable sources by 2020.

As well as ensuring that demands from renewable generators for connection to the grid can be met, RIDP will also strengthen the existing grid across the island. It is hoped the project will attract investment and create jobs during the planning and construction phase.

This project has been awarded Project of Common Interest (PCI) status by the European Commission. Click here to find out more about PCI status and the European Commission.