Clashavoon - Dunmanway

This project is new 110 kV electricity line connecting two substations in Co. Cork. 

This project is a new 110 kV electricity line connecting two substations in Co. Cork. The new line will run approximately 40 km from Clashavoon, north east of Macroom Co. Cork, to the outskirts of Dunmanway. We have designed this project as an overhead line, supported mainly by sets of wooden poles.

Why was this project needed?

This proposed development will resolve two transmission network problems in South West Cork.

At present, only two 110 kV transmission lines maintain the electricity supply in South West Cork. These are the Dunmanway-Macroom 110 kV line and the Bandon-Raffeen 110 kV line. This creates a potential risk during routine maintenance. If, when one line was down for maintenance, there was a failure on the other line, a large section of South West Cork would loose electricity supply. This would leave the towns of Bandon, Ballylickey, Dunmanway and extended areas around them without power.

As a result, it is vital that we plan for new electricity infrastructure in this region. This is essential to meet the required standards for a safe and secure electricity system.

This project will also allow new sources of renewable energy to connect to the grid. There is a significant amount of renewable generation connected or seeking to connect in South West Cork. The current transmission network cannot add this amount of new renewable generation.

It's important to note EirGrid's legal obligation to connect electricity generators. As the national electricity transmission system operator for Ireland, we have a statutory function. Subject to direction from the regulator, this statute requires us to offer a connection to the grid for those who request it. When an electricity generator accepts our connection offer, we have to meet their needs. This means we are legally required to develop the grid in response to plans for new electricity generation, such as wind farms.

What are the benefits of this project?

There are two main reasons why this project is necessary: To connect renewable energy, and to help job creation and investment.

The EU has set a target for Ireland to generate 40% of our electricity from renewable sources by 2020. This includes wind, wave and tidal power. There are many plans in this area for new forms of renewable energy generation. This new line will allow the region to utilise its rich renewable energy resources.

This project will also support growth and development in the region, and ensure security of supply for the future. A strong electricity network will help boost existing industry in the South. In particular, it will allow this area to compete more effectively for business and inward development.