SONI (Electricity System Operator for Northern Ireland) publishes the All-Island Ten Year Transmission Forecast Statement 2019

17 April 2020

SONI (Electricity System Operator for Northern Ireland), along with our colleagues at EirGrid, have published the All-Island Ten Year Transmission Forecast Statement 2019.

The joint publication describes and presents the following;

  • Network models and data for the all-island transmission system;
  • Forecast generation capacity and demand growth;
  • Predicted transmission system power flows at different points in time

SONI is providing input into the important work by the Department for the Economy, which is currently developing a Strategic Energy Framework for Northern Ireland.

This will inform future energy policy and renewable targets, and the approach to facilitating growth in renewable generation.

In order to support this ambition and to tackle the climate crisis, investment will be needed in new renewable generation capacity and electricity networks. 

The Transmission Forecast Statement outlines the opportunities for demand and generation connections in Northern Ireland.

The teams at both SONI and EirGrid, encourage and welcome those considering connections or who wish to submit feedback, to contact either or