SONI welcomes continued renewables progress

SONI, the transmission system operator for Northern Ireland, has welcomed a report published today (9 March) by the Department for the Economy which shows continued progress in the percentage amount of electricity consumption coming from renewable sources in the last year.

SONI Managing Director, Alan Campbell, said:

“This report highlights the good progress that we continue to make here in Northern Ireland when it comes to increasing our consumption of electricity from renewable sources. As the organisation tasked with managing the grid in the here and now but also upgrading our infrastructure for a more sustainable future, SONI welcomes this progress as another small step in reaching our clean energy and climate action ambitions.


“We know that reaching our net zero targets will require meeting the opportunity and challenge of a complete transformation in our energy system. The progress we’ve made so far compares very favourably with other parts of the world, with Northern Ireland being the first region to have 75% of electricity flowing through our grid at any point in time coming from variable renewable sources last year.


“The collaborative approach taken by government, industry and others has been a crucial driver of the progress that has been achieved in the last year and this approach will be key to further success and addressing any challenges that lie ahead.”


The ‘Electricity Consumption and Renewable Generation in Northern Ireland: Year ending December
report details the percentage of electricity consumption in Northern Ireland generated from renewable sources and includes information on the type of renewable generation used.