SONI (System Operator for Northern Ireland) Statement in relation to Coronavirus (Covid-19)

16 March 2020

Jo Aston, Managing Director, SONI:

“SONI is the electricity system operator for Northern Ireland. We ensure that Northern Ireland has a secure, reliable and cost-effective supply of electricity. We provide a critical service to consumers, communities and to the economy.

“We are implementing a number of precautionary measures in relation to Covid-19. This includes remote working for non-core staff.  These actions are to protect all of our employees, while also ensuring the ongoing resilience and effective operation of the SONI Control Centre, which controls the flow of electricity throughout Northern Ireland.

“Our plans are robust and updated to reflect the changing nature of the Covid-19 outbreak.   We continue to follow advice from the Department of Health and the Public Health Agency.

“SONI remains focused on delivering a safe, secure and reliable supply of electricity. Our contingency plans are focused on mitigating the impact of Covid-19 on electricity services for everyone in Northern Ireland.”