SONI Forward Work Plan 2021/22 Launched

22 March 2022

At SONI, we plan for the future of the electricity transmission grid and operate it every minute of every day. This includes interconnection to neighbouring grids and running the wholesale electricity market.

SONI has a pivotal role to play in the implementation of Northern Ireland’s new energy strategy, in particular, to achieving an average of at least 70% of our electricity from renewable sources by 2030, an important step on the journey to 80% and on to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

We have now published our transitional year Forward Work Plan for the period October 2021 to September 2022, which outlines what we do across our four SONI TSO roles:

  • Role 1: System Operation and Adequacy
  • Role 2: Independent Expert
  • Role 3: System Planning
  • Role 4: Commercial Interface

Our Forward Work Plan will also provide the pathway, highlighting our key activities over the period, to enable SONI to play our important role in implementing our renewable ambitions.

The Utility Regulator will today welcome submissions from customers and stakeholders to provide feedback on our transitional Forward Work Plan. Details of- how and when to provide feedback to the Utility Regulator are found on its website and through its email notifications.

Should customers and stakeholders also wish to provide any specific feedback on our transitional year Forward Work Plan 2021/22, this can be provided by email to, please include “Feedback on SONI Forward Work Plan” in the title of any email response.