SONI Publishes Consultation Response to the Utility Regulator’s Draft Determination on Price Control 2020-25

01 October 2020

SONI is the Electricity System Operator for Northern Ireland. We ensure that Northern Ireland has a secure, reliable and cost-effective supply of electricity. We provide a critical service to consumers, communities and to the economy.

The 2020-25 period is critical for the energy transition in Northern Ireland.  SONI has a vital role to play in ensuring that the power system supports and is ready to facilitate the scale and pace of change required.  Our actions have the potential to influence investment decisions and markets worth billions of pounds and it is therefore crucial that this price control ensures the right outcomes for Northern Ireland businesses and consumers. 

SONI welcomed the opportunity to respond to the Utility Regulator’s Draft Determination relating to its business plan submission for the price control period of 2020-2025. In our response, we have endeavoured to provide further information in line with UR’s requests. The executive summary and main response to the Draft Determination consultation are published at:

Our proposals support the delivery of future energy targets, which are necessary for Northern Ireland to deliver its share of the UK’s Net Zero emission targets. In addition, the proposals ensure that SONI can continue to deliver transmission services effectively and efficiently for the Northern Ireland consumer, while also supporting SONI’s response to the climate emergency, of transforming the power system for future generations.