Consultation on Changes to Over-Install Policy for Single Technology & Hybrid Co-Located Technology

2 June 2023

To achieve renewable policy targets in the most economical and efficient manner, the System Operators understand the need to make best use of existing assets on the system today. A significant number of stakeholders are keen to make use of existing or planned connection assets by augmenting the capacity factor of their generation sites by installing additional generation behind the same connection point without increasing their Maximum Export Cpacity ("MEC"). This is referred to as an over-install project, that allows for projects to over-install generation capacity, but where a self-imposed cap is applied to the output, so that the contracted MEC at the point of connection is not exceeded. Currently, the over-install policy has a limit of 120% and is set out in the Alternative Connection Application and Offer Process (“ACAOP”) Decision Paper of May 2016. Given the evolving nature of technology combinations in Northern Ireland, the SOs believe it is timely to conduct a review of the current policy, to examine the potential to remove the limit for both Single and Hybrid Co-Located technology sites.


Therefore, NIE Networks and SONI are publishing this consultation to gain holistic stakeholders’ perspectives and opinions on proposals to remove the existing 120% over install limit at a single connection point.  



We welcome feedback on the questions posed within this paper. Responses should be submitted to and via the SONI consultation portal before 5pm on Friday 21st July 2023.



Respondents to the consultation are asked to only respond regarding perspectives on the proposal to remove the 120% over-install limit, as set out in the ACAOP. Other commercial, regulatory and market factors relating to Hybrid Co-Located technology integration will be considered in due course. Where possible, answers to the questions should include justification and explanation. It would be helpful if responses are not confidential. If you require your response to remain confidential, you should clearly state this in your response.


Should you require any further information about the consultation process, please contact