SONI publishes Business Plan Submission 2020-2025

28 November 2019

SONI (System Operator for Northern Ireland) is the Independent Transmission System Operator for Northern Ireland.

We ensure that Northern Ireland has a secure, reliable and cost-effective supply of electricity. We provide a critical service to consumers, communities and to the economy.

Today SONI has published its Business Plan Submission for the upcoming Price Control period 2020-25.

Price controls are used by regulatory authorities, such as the Utility Regulator, to set the amount of money that can be received by companies like SONI over a particular period of time.

Almost all of SONI's income (>95%) comes from regulated price control processes.

You can read our business plan proposal here.

The Utility Regulator has set out its process for the SONI Price Control, it can be found here.