Trading on the Interconnector

We offer market participants access to the interconnector capacity through a combination of explicit and implicit auctions. Our approach gives market participants a choice about how they bid for capacity. Power flows will be decided by companies that trade on the East West Interconnector and will be driven by their decisions on factors such as supply, demand, prices in each market and their own energy portfolio positions.

Read in detail about trading on the interconnector by downloading our trading brochure.

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SEMO Participation/Eligibility Requirements

BETTA Participation/Eligibility Requirements

Auctions & Results

Long-term Capacity Holdings

The East West Interconnector long-term capacity holdings in the import (GB-IE) and export (IE-GB) directions: ‌‌Capacity Holdings.

Auction Management Platform - Public Access

To obtain capacity on the East West Interconnector, an application called the Auction Management Platform is used. This platform facilitates explicit capacity auctions, secondary trading, and interacts with the SEM and BETTA markets on behalf of Interconnector Users.

The Auction Management Platform is live. Here you will find all the information you need on auctions.

You can also access an auction calendar here.

Outage Information

Forced Outages 

In the event of a forced outage of the East West Interconnector, the Net Transfer Capacity (NTC) will be set to 0 MW GB-IE and IE-GB in the Auction Management Platform as soon as is practicable after the event occurs. NTC updates relating to a forced outage event will be available to view in the public version of the Auction Management Platform under 'Minute NTC' immediately after the update occurs: Minute NTC.

An overview of the communications which will issue during a forced outage and prior to return to service is available in the following document: Communications During Forced Outage‌‌.

Planned Outages

Planned outages of the East West Interconnector are coordinated between EirGrid Interconnector Limited, EirGrid Plc. and National Grid Electricity Transmission. A list of the planned outages which are currently scheduled is available here.