Corporate Social Responsibility

At SONI, we believe in doing the best that's possible, and doing it in the best possible way.

EirGrid Group CSR achievements in 2018 (click on image to view high-res version)

Doing our job right, and doing it well.

At SONI, we are committed to being a responsible business. Our primary role is to plan, manage and operate the electricity grid – but we must do so responsibly. We must make sure that Northern Ireland has a secure and sustainable supply of electricity. This is essential – to drive the economy, to enable industry and to power communities.

But this is not just an immediate need. Our work ensures that electricity users have power today, but also that there will be power for the next generation. Everything we do is driven by this need: to ensure you will always have a secure and reliable supply of electricity. This is doing our job right.

At the same time, we must do our job well. This means we need to safeguard and respect the communities and individuals that host grid infrastructure. We must also protect and sustain the natural environment.

Our approach to corporate social responsibility aims to balance the needs of the grid, the public, and the environment. Our goal is to find practical and fair solutions to meet these sometimes competing demands.

Key to our success in meeting this goal is our own people. They work hard to meet our responsibilities, and we support their well-being. We rely on and value their work and their contribution to achieving our goals.

We are also a member of Business in the Community Northern Ireland (BITCNI).

These are the five pledges that guide us as a responsible business:

  • Principles: We do the best job – in the right way
  • Power: We power better lives today and tomorrow
  • Preservation: We respect the environment
  • Positivity: We value and support positive relationships
  • People: We appreciate our people

Read more about these five pledges below: