Cam Cluster

The Project

SONI is the electricity transmission system operator for Northern Ireland. This means we plan for the future of the electricity grid and operate it every minute of every day. We ensure that everyone has power when they need it at the most economical price possible.

To prepare for a clean energy future, SONI must make the electricity grid stronger and more flexible. The grid will need to carry more power, and most of this power will come from renewable generation.

SONI is planning to bring forward the Cam Cluster Project - a new cluster substation between Limavady and Coleraine to be connected to both the Coolkeeragh – Limavady and the Coleraine – Limavady 110kV circuit.

NIE Networks’ cluster methodology aims to improve access to the network for renewable generation by grouping substations to create a more efficient connection with reduced environmental impact.

What will the project involve?

  • A new 110/33 kV single transformer 90MVA substation with additional capacity for a future second transformer
  • Nine 110 kV bays sufficient for five lines, two transformers, two bus-couplers and additional space for future section switches
  • Turn in of the exisitng Coolkeeragh - Coleraine 110 kV circuit
  • Turn in of the existing Limavady - Coleraine 110 kV circuit





What are the benefits of this project?

To help facilitate grid connections in the area

There are already a number of renewable power projects in the local area that have planning permission. This has resulted in the need for the Cam Cluster Project which will provide generation projects with a connection to the grid.

To help deliver climate change targets and decarbonise the power system for future generations

It is projected that Northern Ireland will require at least another 1,300 MW of electricity from clean sources, to meet the legally binding target of generating 80% of our electricity from renewable sources by 2030. This power will have to be generated, connected to the grid, and delivered throughout Northern Ireland. The proposed Cam Cluster substation will facilitate more renewable energy to be connected to the grid.

The project will strengthen the local transmission network

The Cam Cluster project will strengthen the transmission network in the local area and ensure it is fit for future use. This will facilitate economic growth and investment in the coming years.