North South Interconnector

This project proposes the addition of a new 400 kV overhead line to our grid, connecting the electricity grids of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. It is also known in Northern Ireland as the Tyrone to Cavan Interconnector. When built, the project will start at a substation in Turleenan, Co Tyrone. It will then run into Co Armagh and then into counties Monaghan, Cavan and Meath.

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Download a map of the proposed interconnector line route here.

Community and Landowner Documents:

Statement of Case 2017 - Public Inquiry

Rebuttal Statements

Consolidated Environmental Statement Addendum 2015

Planning Documents:

Contents of Consolidated Environmental Statement

Volume 3: Appendices

Part 3:

Volume 4: Figures

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 4: Alternatives

Chapter 5: Proposed Development

Chapter 8: Water Environment

Chapter 9: Soils, Geology and Groundwater

Chapter 10: Ecology

Chapter 12: Cultural Heritage

Chapter 13: Landscape and Visual

Chapter 14: Community Amenity and Land Use

Chapter 19: Cumulative and Interactions of Impacts

Further Environmental Information Addendum - July 2019 

Volume 3 - Appendices

Volume 4 - Figures 

Additional Documentation