Moyle Interconnector Capacity Increase

December 2022

This project has completed Part 1 of our 3 Part Process for Developing the Grid. Thank you to everyone who engaged with us during this stage of the consultation process.

At this stage we considered all potential technology solutions and identified a preliminary preferred option and affected area. During this phase we looked at the problem, the area, considered what technology could be used, how practical it is to deliver and how much it costs. We also engaged with a number of key stakeholder groups, like local councils and elected representatives so that we can better understand what matters to communities, landowners and businesses in the proposed area.

Our preliminary preferred option formed the basis of our submission to the Utility Regulator to secure funding for the project. Further consultation will follow once plans for the project are more developed. This will include an opportunity for the public to provide feedback on the proposals.

September 2022

SONI will only plan for a new grid infrastructure projects where we believe it to be absolutely necessary, in line with our 3 Part Grid Development Process.

We are at Part 1 of this process. During this part, we explore which technology will best resolve the specific need. In doing so, we will also learn more about the broad area where we are likely to locate new infrastructure.

We then narrow down our list of potential solutions based on several fact-based, objective criteria. We assess the viability of the technology, how practical it is to deliver, and how much it costs.

Your opinions and feedback are important to us. We always consider how new projects may impact individuals and communities, and we work hard to minimise this, where possible.