SONI Monthly Availability Report – May 2024

11 July 2024

The SONI monthly availability report for the month of May 2024

SONI Transmission Outage Summary 2024 (Week 27-28)

08 July 2024

Summary of the SONI Transmission Outages over the next two weeks

April 2024 - Controllability Status Update

05 July 2024


Harmonised Other System Charges Recommendations Paper for Tariff Year 01st October 2024 to 30th September 2025

05 July 2024

SONI and EirGrid (the TSOs) published a consultation paper on 10th May 2024 concerning the Harmonised Other System Charges for the upcoming tariff period, 1st October 2024 to 30th September 2025. Comments on the consultation paper were received. Having reviewed and included the responses, in this paper the TSOs propose a number of recommendations to the Regulatory Authorities (the RAs) for their consideration and approval.