Conventional Generator Compliance Testing

All documents relating to conventional generation can be found in our document library by selecting the ‘Grid Code’ and ‘Compliance and Testing’ categories and search for ‘Conventional’. The most regularly searched for documents are listed below for ease of access.

As by European Network for Requirements for Generators (RfG) SONI Grid Code has been updated. Therefore Generators will need to be defined as RfG or Non-RfG as defined by their clauses in SONI Grid Code.

Generators should note that Grid Code clauses not defined as either Non-RfG or RfG are applicable to all Users and Generators must demonstrate Grid Code Compliance of these clauses where necessary. It is recommended that a Generator make contact with SONI at an early stage of the project, prior to signing a contract with Generating Unit manufacturers to understand Grid Code compliance testing and any Generating Plant technical or performance requirements. 


Non RfG

A Generation Unit with a signed Connection Agreement:

a) Connected to the Network before 27th April 2019; or

b) Whose owner has concluded a final and binding contract for the purchase of the main Plant on or before 17th May 2018 and provides evidence of same, as acknowledged by the TSO, on or before the 11th November 2018. Such evidence shall at least contain the contract title, its date of signature and date of entry into force, and the specifications of the main Plant to be connected, assembled or purchased; or

c) Is one of the exceptions to the applicability of the New Generation Unit requirements and is a Generating Unit as follows:

(i) Installed to provide back-up power and operate in parallel with the Network for less than five minutes per calendar month while the system is in normal system state; or

(ii) No permanent Connection point and is used by the TSO to temporarily provide power when normal system capacity is partly or completely unavailable; or

(iii) Energy Storage Units except for Pumped Storage Plant.

An Existing Generation Unit that undergoes a substantial modification to its Connection Agreement and concludes a final and binding contract for the purchase of the Plant being modified after the 27th April 2019 will be deemed a New Generation Unit, unless the Plant being modified is one of the exceptions listed in c) above.



A Generation Unit that is not a Non-RfG Generation Unit.


Grid Code Compliance Testing

The Progress Summary is a list of all tests that a Conventional Generator must complete to achieve an Operational Certificate. These tests are divided into EON (up to energisation), ION (up to synchronisation) and FON (up to operational certificate). Template procedures for each operational test (FON stage) are published below:

Progress Summary Template Checklist

RfG Governor Response and Operating Reserves Test Procedure Template

RfG Reactive Power Capability Excitation Limiters Test Procedure Template

RfG Trip To House Load Test Procedure Template

RfG Black Start Test Procedure Template

RfG PSS and Excitation Response Test Procedure Template

Start-Up Times Procedure Template

Minimum Load Procedure Template

Registered Capacity Procedure Template

Ramp Rates Procedure Template

Open & Short Circuit Procedure Template