DS3 System Services & Other System Charges

Background Information

A number of payments and charges are paid or levied outside the Single Electricity Market by the Transmission System Operators, SONI and EirGrid. Most of these are related to payments for services necessary for the secure operation and restoration of the electricity system. Other System Charges are intended to incentivise the optimum performance of generators connected to ensure efficient use of the power system.

The DS3 Programme is about developing solutions to the challenges of operating the electricity system in a secure manner while achieving 2020 renewable electricity targets.

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For DS3 System Services settlement and billing queries please email cas@soni.ltd.uk.


SONI and EirGrid have published a DS3 System Services Contracts for Regulated Arrangements Recommendations Paper. The aim of DS3 System Services is to put in place the correct structure, level and type of service in order to ensure that the system can operate securely with higher levels of non-synchronous renewable generation (up to 75% instantaneous penetration).

Please see below the related documents for the DS3 System Services Regulated Arrangements:

The DS3 System Services rates and Other System Charges rates are published for the tariff year 01 October to 30 September each year following Regulatory approval.

Please see the latest documents below for information:

To view Statement of Payments and Charges for previous tariff years please visit the library.

All published compliance procedures and reports can be found here – these include:

  • An updated DSU application form here
  • An updated Signals specification document here
  • A guidance Document here

Recommendation Papers

To view Recommendation papers for previous tariff years please visit the library,

Ancillary Services and Other System Charges Monthly Report for 2023-24 Tariff Year

Click here for Ancillary Services and Other System Charges Monthly Reports for 2023-24 Tariff Year.

To view monthly reports for previous tariff years please visit the library.

Trip Reports

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To view reports for previous tariff years please visit the library.