We value and support positive relationships

We respect local co-operation that keeps the lights on for everyone. We give back to communities. We respond to customer needs and to stakeholder views. We work to develop positive relationships built on mutual trust.

See below for what we have achieved in this area in 2018:

  • £188,694 donated to charities and community groups across Ireland and Northern Ireland;
  • Corporate volunteering saw a 26% increase on 2017;
  • 48.5 days of community consultation on key infrastructure projects;
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) events attended by 98 students.

Core giving and volunteering focus areas:

Our key CSR focus areas for giving and volunteering are education (including removing barriers to education, STEM and Women in STEM), community infrastructure and sustainability. 


Read about the rest of the pledges below:

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