Northern Ireland's Energy Future

Planning Northern Ireland's Energy Future

SONI, as transmission system operator for Northern Ireland, is pleased to present its first consultation on Tomorrow’s Energy Scenarios Northern Ireland 2019 (TESNI 2019).

As the body responsible for planning the future of the electricity grid and ensuring that power flows where and when it is needed, SONI has an instrumental role in developing and delivering a decarbonised economy. This Tomorrow’s Energy Scenarios document sets out a range of possible future scenarios each reflecting different levels of ambition for decarbonising the energy sector. We call this scenario planning. TES NI 2019 explores three possible futures for Northern Ireland’s electricity system.

The TESNI 2019 consultation is available to view here.

The consultation response document is available here. Please follow the return instructions provided within the form.

Our scenarios open for consultation are:

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TES NI 2019 Scenario 1: Least Effort

A scenario in which Northern Ireland reduces overall emissions by 35% and reaches 50% RES-E in 2030

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TES NI 2019 Scenario 2: Modest Progress

A scenario in which significant decarbonisation progress is made in electricity, heat and transport helping Northern Ireland to reduce emissions by 40% and have 60% RES-E in 2030

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TES NI 2019 Scenario 3: Addressing Climate Change

A scenario in which Northern Ireland contributes to UK net-zero emissions targets by reaching RES-E levels of 70% and obtaining a 45% greenhouse gas reduction


Our consultation was originally open until 06th November. However, due to the high level of interest in the consultation, we are extending the closing date by one week to the 13th of November 2019.

We have developed a feedback form for the TES NI 2019 Consultation in order to help you formulate your feedback.  

If you have any queries in relation to this consultation, please email

Next Steps

Feedback received on the TES NI 2019 Consultation will be used when developing the final TES NI 2019 publication and the associated dispatch modelling. We will then test the performance of the transmission grid under our new scenarios for the TES NI 2019 System Needs Assessment.